Planning an event for a large group is drastically different than organizing a smaller gathering. Everything from finding a suitable venue for large group events, to food and beverage choices, to timing is different. Whether for a wedding reception or a large reunion, getting together should be fun and exciting, not stressful. That’s why choosing a venue with not only the capacity, but also the experience of working with large groups is essential for any event planner.

Thanks to its incredibly large blank canvas of inspiration, The Event Center @iPA is the ultimate venue for large group events.

Make Our Space Your Canvas

Large Wedding Reception Location

Finding the right venue for a large group can be one of the most challenging things to tackle on your wedding to-do list. Most wedding venues in the New York/New Jersey area are not equipped for the large groups typical of Nigerian weddings or Indian weddings, which can frequently involve up to 1000 guests. Even if you are planning a traditional American wedding, if your guest list exceeds 250 people, your wedding venue options are severely limited.

You need to find a venue where the vision of your dream wedding reception will be brought to life. You want a space with room to dance and mingle, without feeling cramped. You want experienced event staff that can handle serving hundreds of people food and drinks at the same time, without diminished quality.

At The Event Center @iPA, we believe that finding the right venue should not add to the stress of wedding planning. In fact, we work diligently to help you make it one of the most exciting parts of your journey.

First things first, decide on your date and then call our Professional Event Planners to schedule a tour of our indoor event space — we’re ready to make your special day memorable!

The Event Center @iPA offers more than 45,000 square feet of event space, easily capable of hosting formal wedding banquets of more than 1000 guests. Event space is customizable, including concert-grade audio-visual equipment, spectacular event lighting, an event stage, and ample parking for all attendees.

Equally as important, our event staff is well versed in hosting and running large group events and anticipating needs as they arise. Servicing hundreds of people satisfactorily can be an overwhelming feat for event venues not accustomed to large numbers of guests, so choosing one with experience is essential.

Reunion Event Venue

It’s the special celebrations that allow you to strengthen bonds with those you hold most dear. Whether it’s a homecoming with school friends or large family gatherings, reunions are a time to reminisce about the good times and sweet memories.

Picking a venue for a large group reunion can be just as challenging as tracking down your long-lost classmates, friends or relatives. And, if you’re planning a reunion with kids, it can be even trickier to navigate.

At The Event Center @iPA, we love planning reunions full of fun, food and music. From family-friendly activities to a wide array of food and drink, our Professional Event Planners are ready to help you create the perfect atmosphere and reminisce the night (or day) away!

Finding the Right Venue for Large Group Events

No matter if you are looking for an event space for 500 people or 1000, The Event Center @iPA has all the options to make your event unique and memorable. Conveniently located in Central New Jersey, (less than 1.5 hours from 5 major airports) we have more than 45,000 square feet of premium space, making it a perfect venue for a large group.

Don’t forget, we also offer complimentary event planning. Our Professional Event Planners will help you transform our blank canvas into anything you can imagine, creating an enduring event you and your guests will never forget.

We are happy to answer any questions and to work with you to make your event a success. It’s what we do. Call us at 732-577-8200 ext 383 to schedule a tour and find out more.