Studies show that in-person requests are more effective than emails, text messages or even phone calls. This makes face time a vital (yet increasingly rare) part of building any business success. Establishing those in person, quality-time meetings—whether one-on-one over dinner and drinks, in small groups on a golf course, or in a networking event at a corporate event venue—can often be the difference in a sale or a missed opportunity.

Today’s technology enables businesses to work faster, get more done and connect with people all over the world. While it’s tough to imagine any work environment not being digitally connected, the fact still remains that real business relationships are built stronger when they’re face-to-face.

So, how do you get such valuable face time?

One way is to invite clients and prospects to a unique corporate event. Introduce them to each other. Provide an opportunity for your team to start nurturing relationships through meaningful one-on-one conversations and experiences.

Prospects will feel less pressure, since other businesses are there as well. Plus they get a rare opportunity to broaden their industry networks.

Go the casual route and provide fun entertainment and foster personal, deeper relationships.

Position your business as an industry thought-leader with educational, insightful guest speakers or presentations.

Or do both.

Either way, your business gets an edge over the competition by hosting events that people want to attend.

So how do you ensure business success at your next corporate event? Follow these three key concepts:

 1. Build Trust

Build trust

It’s no surprise that people will do business with those they like and trust. Corporate events provide a great opportunity to build a connection with potential and current clients.

In many cases, it’s hard to get to know someone across an office conference table. Interacting in a social environment can help both sides become more familiar with each other, showcase personalities, develop trust, and form relationships.

For example, while sharing some passed hors d’oeuvres and sipping a cocktail, you might find that you have a shared interest like golf or old-school arcade games. Once you start talking and find a shared interest, it might just be the final push you need to transform a prospect to a customer.

2. Getting Out of the Office

Getting out of the office

Why spend money on a corporate event venue when you can score face time with clients at your office?

For starters, you have a much better chance of getting the thumbs up. Your prospective clients are inundated with to-do’s (as are you). To really stand out and make an impression, it’s essential to make your outreach different (and better) than the rest.

The interactive and relaxed environment of an event is ideal for setting the stage for a mutually trusting relationship (see number 1). Eliminate work distractions and take clients out of the office setting where they can let their hair down and have some fun.

Networking events involve less pressure and more relaxed conversations (and negotiations). They help develop leads and build a foundation for follow-up conversations, on the phone or via email, that clients won’t avoid. If nothing else, prospects will be more likely to pick up the phone or return the call of someone with whom they formed an in-person relationship.

3. Boosting Brand Visibility

Think of a client meeting at your office. They walk in, see your sign on the door. Maybe a logo on the wall. Some business cards at the front desk. Maybe some branding on apparel, coffee mugs or scattered throughout. Perhaps you have a truly impressive office space that makes an impact on its own.

But otherwise? It’s just business as usual for your prospect. Another day. Another office. Another meeting. It’s just not that memorable.

Here’s where using a corporate event venue can really make your company stand out. They provide the opportunity to showcase your brand in a new light (literally). From the invitations, to event reminders and follow-ups, events offer multiple touch points to connect with prospects and reinforce your visibility.

Corporate event venues offer countless ways to seamlessly integrate your brand throughout the night. For example, consult with the venue about projecting your logo onto the wall. Set up a step-and-repeat logo wall or branded photo booth to capture lasting moments. Decorate the space with linens, florals and other pieces in your brand’s colors. Or, after you’ve wined and dined your guests (maybe with a brand-inspired cocktail?), impress them with a VIP video tour of your company or play a looped marketing video in the background.

Whatever you do, just remember to take full advantage of the fact that you have a captive audience.

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